NeuroMove – The Latest Development in Neuro-Rehabilitation Therapy!

Biofeedback Triggered Stimulation that facilitates the recovery of paralyzed
patients from Stroke, SCI, and TBI. The genius behind the NeuroMove is in it’s
simplicity. After the sensor/electrodes are placed on any muscle group, only
one setting is necessary and the NeuroMove guides the patient through the
therapy steps. The human brain is able to recreate neural pathways in
undamaged areas of the brain stimulating Neuroplasticity. This combination
of biofeedback and reward facilitates the regeneration of lost mobility and
independence. The ease of use and compact design delivers a rehabilitation
tool for use within clinics and patient home therapy.

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** The NeuroMove is made in the USA, FDA Cleared and CE Marked
Other Disorders where the NeuroMove may be applicable:
• Disease or injury of the central nervous system – spasticity, muscle control
• Disease or injury of the spinal cord
• Muscle re-education and increase ROM
• Muscle atrophy prevention
• TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury

Found in these locations:
• Stroke and SCI Hospitals and Rehabilitation Facilities
• TBI – Public, Military and Government Hospitals and Rehab Clinics

Complete NeuroMove kit included with every order